Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dinner in a Brothel- LA BOGDEGA NEGRA

So not really a brothel, that is slightly misleading but due to its naughty disguise you could be forgiven for mistaking La Bogdega Negra for a sex shop/brothel. It’s one of my favourite restaurants in London so I figured whilst Josh and Ruby were in Town I should take them along, knowing they would love it. Plus watching people’s reactions as you lead them in is hilarious!


Not only is there a really cool ambience the food here is insane! I adore Mexican food, and this is a fantastic Mexican. The menu is designed for sharing so we gorged ourselves with a large selection of starters, tacos and salads washing it all down copious amounts of wine.

The quesadilla rustica and the lamb tacos are both sensational. If you're planning on visiting you absoloutly have to try them!
Jumping to desert both Josh and Ruby chose cheesecake and it was a phenomenal cheesecake but I'd way over done it and in fear of exploding I opted for slightly lighter frozen berries and white chocolate which was equally delicious!

In summary you may have noticed I really love this restaurant and reckon anyone who has the chance to visit Bogdega Negra should go, the vibe is great, the foods great and the staff here are seriously nice people. Oh and they play major tunes whilst you're eating. Brilliant!


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