Sunday, 20 October 2013


I have a problem. I guess in an around about way,
You could say  ... I have an addiction? Deep breath.
It wasn't my fault. My friends were all doing it. They said I
should try it, it was fun. No big deal.
 Hi my names Francesca, and im a
Tumblr Addict.


 Jokes aside, I belive I may have started rebloging in my sleep! I just adore everything about it. Endless photos of beautiful people, girls I want to be and boys I want to be with. Quotes, design, art and music. I can share then re-share everything that inspires me, my friends, your friends. A fantasy world I wish I could live in!

If you want to check my tumblr skills here's my loverly little  link.

But even more I would love to stalk yours.. So follow and ask me anything!

Friday, 18 October 2013



There is so much that I want, that perhaps I can never have.
To have a perfect mind
A perfect body
A perfect soul
To be admired
Or to be adored
To be lost
To be found
Suddenly discovered 
Then fondly remembered 
How do I make it to the person I pressure myself to be?